4 Inch touch screen RD6344G

Product Introduction:RDC6344G system is the latest laser engraving & cutting control system developed by Ruida Technology, this control system has better stable hardware with anti s

  • Model: RD6344G

Product Introduction:

RDC6344G system is the latest laser engraving & cutting control system developed by Ruida Technology, this control system has better stable hardware with anti static  resistance to high pressure. Based on LINUX human-machine operation system, with better operation interface and stronger functions,  excellent motion control functions, high-capacity file memory, with strong compatible 2-way independent adjustable analog/digital laser power control interface, strong compatible U disk drive program, multiple ways general /dedicated IO control. Integrated dedicated time system supporting hardware encryption algorithm.


The controller has better resistance to high voltage and anti static ability

One-way 24V power supply(compatible with 36V, but not recommended)

Support all brands and capacities of U disks, quick and strong compatible copy ability

256M large-capacity file nonvolatile storage on board, no bottlenecks limit for file size

 Capable of self-checking defective track, can format memory, good in fault tolerance

10/100M Ethernet + USB2.0 communication mode for optional

Multi-way general large-current IO, convenient for function extension

16-way general IO input and output

Display processing path, file preview

The max. four-axis stepper/servo motor open-loop control

Two-way independent digital/analog interface, software can be adjusted respectively, convenient for double laser heads control; Dedicated RF laser control interface

Soft/hard limit coordinates protection for optional

Support linear/circular arc/B-spline interpolation function

Time system on board ( year-month-day, more reliable hardware encryption algorithm)

Online update mainboard program, convenient for maintenance and functions customization.

Auto-feeding, up and down, rotating engraving,left-right pushing plate, etc.

Support feeding line by line, slope engraving function

Support Power-off restart for engraving, work time preview (high accuracy to millisecond, the preview time is exact to the actual working time, the other vendor cannot realize)

Support machines backlash compensation function

Increase Z axes linkage function

System Power-on resetting or not resetting for optional

Support multiple positioning points logic

All manufacturer/user parameters can be backup and restored

Support double laser heads automatic layout and multiple virtual arrays automatic layout, leftover material function

4-axis standalone laser engraving & cutting  controller RDC6344G

Technical Parameters:

1.Digital laser control signals:

   (1) Differential output, TTL level, drive capability 20 mA
   (2) PWM frequency 2K-5K for adjustable
   (3) PWM duty ratio is 1% ~ 99%, adjustable
   (4) PWM value is up to 4.5 V

2.Analog laser control signal:0 ~ 5V  tracing adjustable automatically

3.Motor control signal:differential output, TTL level, drive capability 20 mA

4.USB:Max. transmission rate 12M bps;The longest distance is 5 meters.

5.Network: the Max. transmission rate is100M; the Max. transmission distance is 200M.

6.Interpolation:Linear/circular arc/B spline, accuracy + / - 0.5 pulse

7.Output:4-channel, photoelectric isolated OC gate output,the max. drive capability is 500mA 

8.Input:4-channel, photoelectric isolated input,TTL level


Product Model : RDC6344G

                      6: the sixth generation controller

                      4: controller version

                      4: 4-axis

                      X: displayer type (1: TTF; 2:3.5 inch colorful screen; 3: 5.7 inch colorful screen; 4:7 inch touch screen)

                      G: standard

Application area: laser cutting, laser engraving, laser welding etc.

Power:+24V, >2A 

Temperature: 0~50 , humidity is not greater than 70%.

Standard carton box