Co2 laser controller RDLC320-A

Advantages for RDLC320 - A laser engraving/cutting control card:The Board as a whole has better resistance to high pressure and antistatic abilityOne-way 24V power supply(compatible with 36V, but not

  • Model: RDLC320-A

Advantages for RDLC320 - A laser engraving/cutting control card:

The Board as a whole has better resistance to high pressure and antistatic ability

One-way 24V power supply(compatible with 36V, but not recommended); can save the cost of machine manufacturer

Multi-way general large-current IO, convenient for function extension.

Support USB disks with all brand and capacities, and copy speed is 3 times than previous version system;

On-board 256Mlarge-capacity file storage, no longer has the bottlenecks limit for file size

Capable of self-checking defective track, can format memory, good in fault tolerance

Two-way independent digital/analog power interface, Software can be adjusted respectively, Convenient for double laser heads control

online upgrade mainboards program, conveniently for manufactures and customers to maintain and function customized ;

Online upgrade startup display (the startup display can be customized, then download in through software);

System comes with time system (can display date month year, hardware encryption algorithm is more stable and reliable);

Support work time preview (Preview Accuracy 100%, preview time and actual processing time correct to millisecond);

Support machine backlash compensation function;

Increase Z axes linkage function

Support hard limit

Perfect Power-off restart for Engraving function;

Support System start up Reset or not for optional (reset or not reset when starting up)

Support multi-origin Logics (can set multiple anchor point, and start work from different anchor points);

All manufacturer/user parameters can be backup and restore (means can set a group of parameter as manufacture defaulted factory parameter in the panel, at the same time these default factory parameter can be also one-key reset);

Main card size:  170 mm x120mm;

Power:  +24V, more than 3A,

Temperature:  -20 to 70 degree centigrade


Product Selection:


3: The third generation products

2: Controller version number

0: Manufacture reserved Bit


Digital laser control signal

(1) Differential output, TTL level, 20mA Driving ability

(2) PWM frequency 2.5K ~ 100K for adjustable

(3) PWM duty ratio 2% ~ 98% for adjustable

Analog laser control signal 0 ~ 5V automatically tracing adjust

Motor control signal differential output, TTL level, 20mA driving ability

Motor control pulse frequency maximum 500KHZ

USB maximum transmission rate 12M, the longest distance is 5 meters

Line/arc/B spline interpolation accuracy +/- 0.5 pulse

4 –way general photoelectric isolation OC gate output, the maximum 600mA driving ability

4 –way General photoelectric isolated input , TTL level

standard carton box