Steps and methods of adjusting the laser light path

Steps and methods of adjusting the laser light path

For mostly customers purchase a new laser tube, they dont know how to adjust the optical path after installation, In order to solve the adjustment of the optical path problem .Our company offer free professional of the light path adjustment steps and methods

Laser light from right side of the machine



Laser light from left side of the machine



But no matter where the laser light from ,the principle is the same



Notice :

In the adjustment of the optical path before the level of the machine to test the level of the machine, be sure to keep the machine four corners to maintain a plane, can not have tilt. Otherwise it will affect the machine throughout the plotter (ie, the figure F1, F2, F3, F4 four corners).

Optical path adjustment

1. E (laser tube )→A(first reflector ):laser beam must shot in the A reflector right center

2. A(first reflector)→B(second reflector) paste a small piece of acrylic paste at the B mirror mounts entrance.Shot a laser beam in F position , keep the small acrylic not move.then move to F3 position to shot the second laser beam. Then check the laser beam in small piece acrylic , see if they shot in the same position . If there is any deviation ,you can adjust on A mirror mounts of left and right ,up and down , these screws to adjust

If already overlap and light do not play on the frame, the Y axis light path adjustment is completed

Avoid by all means :Flare is not necessarily play in the center of the frame, just F1 and F3 two light overlap.

3. B(second reflector) →C(third reflector)Remove the B mirror mounts on the acrylic dice, then take a piece of thin acrylic paste at the entrance of light C.Then move the laser head to F position and hit the first light spot; then To move the laser head to the F2 position with the second spot

Then move the laser head to the F4 position with the third spotFinally move the laser head to F3 location with the fourth spotFour position of light spot in the same position in the center of the laser head vertical position and playIf there is a light spot misalignment by the second, three, four spot to move the first spot, until the four light overlap and hit the center of the laser head

4. C(third reflector )→D(focus lens:When in F1, F2, F3 and F4 after the adjustmentThe last step is to adjust the verticality of the laser head beam。The difference in A and B just in The three adjustment screws on the laser head . The 3 screws are only front and rear and left and right,So in adjusting verticality is much simpler than A and B. The laser beam will be 1mm after focusing ,so So the first dimming and All hit the laser port,Not being blocked. If there is any shade around ,adjust the screws of before and after ,left and right Finally, after adjusting the focal length, with a thick acrylic plate for the test board vertical light, and then from the side of the acrylic side of the four lines to see whether the line is vertical.

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